Okay so it's really not a crisis but from living in all these warm places; St. George for 3 years and California for 1 year I really need help on shoes. I packed away all my flip flops and sandals which basically is all my shoes. Because honestly lets just face it Winter is practically here. Can I just tell you yesterday it rained, and then it snowed...SNOWED here people.  I was all excited for fall but not ready for winter. I need more boots and I have tried to explain to the husband that I need them but his reply was, don't you have enough boots (normal response from a guy right). His defense I do have boots, but for my defense I only have 4 pairs of boots. One is black that have a hill which I love, two are my slouchy knit top ones, 3 is my bear paw boots they are kind of like uggs but cheaper, and four are my favorite slouchy cowboy boot ones but they are pretty worn.

  I really need flat heeled ones some tall and short ones. So yes I am need of a shopping trip is that to much to ask. I am a girl that has a shopping problem. But all in all I really do need some more shoes for winter. Thankfully pinterest has me on the search for some great shoes.

 I really wish that all of these would just show up in my closet.
So please share where do go to get cute shoes that are cute and good prices!!


McKinzie Bean said...

I'm totally in the same boat!! You could look online at 6pm.com or zappos they always have cute shoes and usually good deals. Or you could try famous footwear, right now they are doing their friends and family deal so if you print off the coupon (just google it) you get 30% off, i believe through the 28th of this month. Another favorite of mine is forever young, they are pretty inexpensive :) good luck!!

Kallee Mae said...

I wish all of these would show up in my closet as well! I have been finding great boots and loafers at target... check them out!