about us

the mr: has scruff, amazing cook, man of many talents,
wishes for a beagle, lover of basketball shorts and t-shirts.
student, husband and sweetest man alive!

the mrs: has a big heart, not the best of cook, wears lipstick,
wishes for too many things, lover of ice cream, dance, and fashion. student, wife and a best friend.

together: have a house full of love&laughter, and want all things chocolate. lovers of many foods, snuggles and adventure.
 high school sweethearts, dreamers and doers.

we're the neals. happily in love and enjoying our fairytale.
best things of life is that it is full of memories,
craziness, laughter and adventures. we are living our lovely life one day at a time.
join in on our many adventures
we're so very happy to have you here.

questions don't be afraid to ask