little rants

Well the hubby has left me for the rest of the week for his hunting trip. He gets to go enjoy the mountain air and beautiful scenery and I am stuck here going to classes. He has is way better than I do that is for sure.

Today is the last freshman volleyball game and I am quite sad. But we have had a great season and they have come so far. I am going to miss my team a lot.

I get to see my bestie Hide this weekend...and she is getting her mission call. I am so excited for her, it's so exciting. She is also going to do my hair and I really cannot wait.

I have decided to get my homework done early so I don't have to do it this weekend. Now that is called being responsible.

My car window started sliding down while the husband and I were driving home from classes yesterday. Good thing he has quick hands. Hopefully it is not in bad shape, hoping we can fix it ourselves. Keep your fingers crossed.

Next week I don't have my Chemistry class on Tuesday or Thursday!! I am so happy because that means I get to sleep in woot woot.

The husband and I have found a new love it's called...Bonanza. It is a great old show and we can't get enough of it.

All my shows are back on!! New Girl, Hart Of Dixie, Greys Anatomy, it is like Christmas already.

I found the perfect mittens for when the weather starts getting chillier. I can't wait to purchase them.

Some super super exciting news I have new nephew. My sister-in-law had her cute little boy on Tuesday. He is the cutest thing ever and I cannot wait to meet him.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!

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Riley White said...

I seriously laughed out loud about your window. Oh how I miss you and your car and your funny-ness.