5 Things

It's FRIDAY!!!

 {notes from the hubby}

I absolutely love coming home to sweet notes from my hubby. Isn't he just the greatest.


Even though I was studying for math, I still love that the sweet sun rays still feel nice and warm to study outside. I love that it's still chilly enough to wear boots and scarves and hear the crunch of the leaves.
But I am also super glad the sun is still here to shine.

{Rhyze Owen Anderson}

Isn't he just precious!! I cannot wait to meet my new nephew he was born on Tuesday. My cute sister-in-law wasn't due until October 23 but he came quite early and everything turned out just fine. So glad to have this adorable new face in our family.

{my bestie heidi}

I get to go see my best this weekend and I seriously cannot wait. This picture is really old but it's the one I have at the time. I love her and so excited to see her. She is the best at doing hair and I am excited I finally get to get mine done. It's only been 6 months since I have highlighted my hair and cut it. Trust me I am due for a trim and some highlights.
Hide also got her mission call that she'll be opening tonight..yay!!

{s'more pizza}

This is seriously the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life. I know this pictures looks a little gross but trust me it is the bomb!! I don't recommend eating the all the crust. But the rest of it you will want to eat every last bit of it. As we all know I am in love with anything with s'mores, but seriously what is there not to love.

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