is it friday yet.

Well hello Monday you are back here again. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a very nice relaxed weekend. I still wish it was the weekend. I am already tired of school and I still have two months left of just this semester. Volleyball season is almost over so that means I have to start finding a new job. It is very sad because I loved coaching and the girls are amazing. But I will have to wait until next year for volleyball season to come back around.
            This weekend I enjoyed listening to conference. The news about the age changing for both girls and boys to leave earlier on their mission is super exciting. There is nothing better than being able to hear the prophet and other speakers share their beautiful testimonies.
            Remember that time I told you about going up in the mountains with Shae. Here are the pictures I promised. Also my scarf I made out of my old t-shirt. Yeah it doesn't look as great as the pictures look on pinterest but I had fun making it. So don’t judge me for the not so perfect cuts.

.results (not terrible).

.it was beautiful I did not want to leave.

yes I married a stud :)!!


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