5 things.

{newest addiction}
Shae and I have finally joined in the fan club of this show. We both love it and can't get enough of it. It is a little gory so if you don't like that stuff I would recommend you NOT to watch it. Th Walking Dead is really a good show though and kind of creepy which makes the cuddling even more fun.
{goodbye summer clothes}

I put all the my shorts, capris, and all my sandals away for the winter. I was really quite sad to put all my summer clothes away. But I figured it would be a good idea so now Shae and I can have a little more room in the closet haha. It has been pretty cold lately and it is really making me miss my California weather now.

{date night}

Shae had heard about Ross Park Drive In so he decided we were going to go try it out for our date night. And might I add it is quite good, we really enjoyed the food and the people are very nice there too. They close at the end of October though so if you are in the Pocatello areayou better hurry up and go.


{best movie ever}
BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! This movie is a must see I cannot tell you how much Heidi and I laughed so hard. I would go again....seriously!!
{my new beard}
Today I skipped classes bad I know but I came home for good reasons. To help my mom around the house and also a very good friend had passed away so we went to the viewing. But while we were cleaning up the downstairs we found this. Haha it is pretty awesome I must say, not sure how old it is but we found it quite hilarious.
It's the weekend, hope you guys have a good one.


Annie bananie said...

THANK YOU for commenting on my blog....:) you are so SWEET.I needed that! ps. IM ADDICTED TO THE WALKING DEAD TOO!!!!! I dream Zombies!

Shaylise Bowen said...

Ash! Ross Park Drive In is one of our favorites! You have to get the taco spaghetti! It's yummy. :) And I like your hair! You look beautiful!

Lori H-G said...

The Walking Dead is one of my favorites!!! I am just mad because we have dish network and they canceled AMC so we dont get the show anymore. Nice beard by the way.

Lex said...

Hey Ashlee! I nominated you for an award on my blog, but totally don't feel like you have to participate if you don't want to. :)