wahoo for friday

  Thank heavens it's FRIDAY people. After seeing these beautiful trees turn magical colors has truly made it fall. I am so excited for this beautiful weather. I am headed home for the weekend to spend time with the family. And eat a lot amazing food and sweet treats at my sister-in-laws baby shower. I am going to make a diaper cake, don't know if I will accomplish it but I am willing to try for her. Even though this weekend consists of studying for a math test on 9 chapters doesn't get me down in any way. I cannot wait to go hiking with my hubby to see the beautiful colorful trees. Even though he is really going hunting but I cannot wait to smell the fresh air and be on a beautiful mountain.


I am absolutely loving this picture. Pretty sure I'll be having do one like this. 
I cannot wait for Shae and I to get some new pictures of us taken in this beautiful weather.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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Kallee Mae said...

Love that picture too! I may just copy that idea as well! Enjoy your weekend!!