little windows

I have some exciting news to share...no we are not pregnant. But a couple weeks ago my lovely hubby forgot to take the keys out of the car. And I being the paranoid wife always locking everything behind me pushed the lock button. Then Shae notice the keys were not in his pocket and we look through the window and yup there they were still in the ignition. Obviously the spare keys were locked away in the house. So we had to do what anyone else would have to do. CRAWL through the window. Our windows are the smaller then anything because we live in a basement apartment.

So...let's just say he did NOT fit. So I had to do it, and good thing I was little enough to make it through. I can definitely say these hips are not as small as they use to be. Only came out with a scratch on my tummy and an awesome bruise on my bicep.

Although it wasn't the greatest thing that happened to us.
But it was rather funny watching him trying to fit through that little window!!
On a good note we have decided to get a spare key to hide now just in case.


Brie Holtrop said...

haha - I used to do this all the time when I lived with 7 girls in a house. Someone was always home, so I never worried about having a set of keys...except for when they weren't home! I climbed through the skinny bathroom window on the second floor. Had to climb up a garden trellis to get there! ha! Spare keys are always a good thing to have!

Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

Anonymous said...

haha that is awesome. oh the adventures of being married :)