a little this and that

I am going to try and say this as nice as possible. Headphones were made for a reason so could you please use them. I might like your music your playing but not while I am trying to study. Thank you.

Can't believe that I am saying this but I am not looking forward to the weekend. Volleyball tournament Friday and Saturday. Along with an amazingly amount of homework to go on along with it. Equals me not excited for the weekend sadly.

On a good note is it weird I want to apply to Jamba Juice. They always seem happy there and uh hello you get a free juice. Who wouldn't want to work there :)

Speaking of Jamba Juice I believe I'll have to get one today!!

Thank heavens for Chem 101 take home quizzes that makes life so much easier and gives me 100% for my grade.

The husband got an iPhone and yes I am completely jealous about it. He hasn't cared much for one but needed a new phone. So here I am iphoneless and a little sad about it.

Sometimes I want to delete my Facebook because I am tired of seeing peoples posts that really should be kept to themselves. I understand when your mad and everything but do you really need to the whole world? Am I the only one that feels this way?

Not having internet at home really stinks but it makes us come to the library and do our homework and get it done...so I guess that's a plus.

Have a good awesome Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I love Jamba Juice too! :)
Good luck on your homework and tournaments! Miss you!

Lex said...

Oh, you are definitely not alone when it comes to the Facebook thing! I'm about ready to delete mine, too.

And gotta love Jamba Juice :)