awkward & awesome

*getting checked on by a four year old; I am sitting in the office working when I spot one of the 4 year old boys outside the door. Conversation goes as follows.
Me: What are you  doing Luke?
Luke: Nothing (pause), I just came to check on you.
Me: Oh you did (giggling) okay well thanks Luke I am okay.
Luke: Okay. (runs back to class)

*bought a ten pair of socks package...but received eleven hmmm.
*husband: Oh it's going to suck when you're gone. That means I am going to have to do laundry (gee thanks honey).
*i have an obsession for colored pants already own .four. pair!
*glad to leave california when it's starting get all nice and hot when idaho was warm and is starting to get cold blah.
*have a weird addiction to the tv show locked up abroad.
*i really am not a fan of flying alone period.
*forgetting to put on my wedding ring and feeling naked all day. hate when i do that!!

*headed back to Idaho tomorrow for two weeks.
*my best friend Riley is getting married in two weeks.
*beating my husband at a game of Phase 10 woot woot.
*friday = payday.
*excited to see the family.
*having the best husband in the world.
*no work for two weeks.
*tomorrow is friday wait what??

                                                                                                                           <3 them

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