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I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day!! I know I sure did. So before I left for work I set up Shae's super cute present that I found off the internet. I did a basket and a poem instead of the other little guy I showed you on this post.
the quote you see above reads:
I've got a CRUSH on you~~you BIG HUNK~~you know I do
Don't SNICKER SWEETART, you know that it's true.
I'm know to go BANANAS for my SPICY SOUP-er Man.
Just being in your presence makes me feel like a 100 GRAND.
I'd be in a real PICKLE if you ever went away.
I'd go a little more NUTS with every passing day.
I know that I'm so FORTUNATE to be your Valentine!
I love you very much and I'm so grateful that you're mine!

 It was all turned out super cute and I loved it. He called me when he got up and thanked me for his super cute yummy basket. Sadly he had a baseball game to get to so I figured I'd be spending our first Valentines day all alone. But boy was I lucky they finished their game earlier and also won may I add. So he came home to a nice romantic candle light spaghetti dinner. It beats going out and fighting all the crowds. We enjoyed each others company and had a lovely night. Today I came home from work to find these lovely things on our table with a wonderful note. Truly my hubs is the best I love him very very much.

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Whitney Leigh said...

Awesome poem! So much more creative than what I come up with when I try those things. haha Your flowers are beautiful and a hand-written letter? I don't think I love anything more. Happy Valentines Day!
Whitney Leigh