awkward/awesome thursday

oh the conversations kids have with you while being in the bathroom..haha.-
not being early for my flight so they tell me there is a chance my bag might not make it there.-
freaking out the whole plane ride thinking my bag wasn't going to arrive in california with me.-
having my zipper being down, thank heavens i had a long shirt on.-
me thinking i actually wanted kids sooner than i thought (long day today don't ask).-
having to scrape my windows this morning, really this is california not idaho.-

-having a wonderful valentines day with the hubby.
-coming home to beautiful white roses.
-basketball season is over...finally a little time to relax.
-i get a four day weekend uh huh oh yea!!!
-joining the red pants club. i absolutely love them.
-having valentines day treats from wonderful students and friends.
-7 more days until my birthday
-get to celebrate my birthday this weekend...which means shopping :)

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Whitney Leigh said...

YAAY for birthday!! :) I hope your bags made it ok. Sounds like you got a lot of fun ahead of you, but what is up with scraping your windows in California? We don't even have to do that in Utah right now. Weird.