oh the love...

Wow I cannot believe how fast this weekend has gone by. It was a 4 day weekend for me and has just flown like usual. Saturday after the hubbys baseball game he was so kind and took me out shopping and we had a wonderful time. I found some amazing deals flats for five bucks can I get a WOOT, WOOT!! I also found some super cute heels for only ten bucks. I was super excited for my steals for my shoes I couldn't stop talking about it. Poor Shae had to listen to me do my excited squeal for a bit. We enjoyed some wonderful wings at the amazing Wing Stop. Which brings back some good old memories for me with my great college roomies. I miss them whole lot and can't wait to see them when Ri gets married. The hubs and I had a wonderful weekend and we hope everyone enjoyed
their weekend as well.

*love them oh so much*

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Breanna Hohenstein said...

those flats are sooo cute :)