annoying/awkward/awesome thursday

I seriously feel like this week has gone by super fast but still super slow. Weird I know but it truly has. I am very excited tomorrow is Friday I mean really really excited. So today I'm sure you noticed that annoying was in the title and I would just like to tell you how annoyed I am today because of this annoying thing you'll read below. I'm sure there is a good reason for it...but for now I'm going to go off on a little rant about it. Thank you for not judging me friends. [Note] You don't have to read my outburst and no I'm not trying to offend anybody. So you may skip on to the awkwardness of my life if you'd like.

-having insurance but oh wait they don't cover me while living in California. Honestly what's the point of having it if they don't cover you everywhere. Hoping that I don't do anything stupid; like oh who knows maybe cutting off my finger. Because why, oh that's right. I'll get the answer, "I'm sorry I can see your in tremendous pain and without a finger squirting blood everywhere. But your insurance doesn't cover you here." Seriously insurance people you are totally on my crappy list.

-trying to say have a good night to a friend but totally screwing it up by talking alien to them and not quite sure what was just said.
-leaving the house with both feather earrings in, getting to the game with only one in and than being looked at with lots of confusion.
-trying to get out of my car with the seat belt still on.
-letting my hair go its natural wavy/curly mode

-finding the feather earring.
-being called mrs. ashlee from the cute students. LOVE THEM!
-not straightening nor curling my hair. Going all natural (trying to help it grow).
-being able to watched your tv shows you missed on the net.
-listening to rain pitter-patter on the roof.
-having a pretty awesome week :]

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Purposely at Home said...

love this! hi, im your newest follower. you have such a cute blog. :)