stress level: HIGH

Why does stress have to bring other friends a long. Like for instance lately I have had these awful creatures grow upon my face. Than all of a sudden here is its twin either right beside it or on the opposite side of my face. But do they go away, oh no it doesn't stop there. They just keep coming! Honestly I know we all hate zits so I know I am not hurting anyone when I say pimples die. I have my occasional little pimples here and there before that rude cramping week. But seriously what the heck. Than here comes that awesome hungry monster where you have to eat everything and can't stop.Yeah that's me lately with my sweet pizza face and growing outward body seems to make my stress level just get higher and higher with the help of its cruel friends. So if you have a great face cleanser that you love please share because I am ready to find a new one that will work. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who helps me out each day. I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Seriously cannot believe it's already Wednesday wow time is flying by. Which is okay with me because that means hello to the weekend.



Shelby said...

Oh I know how you feel! I had severe acne for five years, and I now go to regular dermatologist appointments and I'm on a strictly regulated medicine. Be thankful that you only get the occasional zit!

Good luck with the stress! You're not alone:)


Michelle Kay said...

I am just some random person that looks at your blog, but I really like Cetaphil. It is super gentle on your skin and seems to help with breakouts really well.
We all go through it. :) Good luck!