awkward/awesome thursdays

-having two of these post in a row due to my mia...sorry.
-only took one picture of shae and i while being home.
-didn't have hardly any snow for christmas :[
-the hubs getting the flu (not really awkward but it was so not fun).
-getting super emotional over not being able to go wedding dress shopping with my Riley-Bug.
-looking out the window while driving and seeing the same thing over and over and over again. DESERT!
-being in a car for far to long and freaking out. glad shae got a kick out of it.
-listening to the GPS lady get us lost, okay she really didn't but it felt like it.
-longest drive home ever!!
-being super emotional and extra clingy all because us girls have to go through a monthly thing. (tmi)

-spending time with both of our families.
-had a wonderful christmas.
-got a AWESOME digital photo frame from my parents. now we can show off our wedding pictures :)
-excited to wear my adorable boot socks from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.
-husband getting over his awful flu bug.
-coming home and finding out i moved up with my primary kids. EXCITED to see them on sunday!!
-only have to do the drive to Idaho one last time...when we move back home yay.
-brought the x-box home for shae.
-having an amazing hubby who said we didn't have to unpack last night so our room is a complete mess now..whoops.
-got to sleep in this morning
-having the best husband in the world!!!

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