.2011. in review

here's to the year of 2011 it's been another wonderful year for us
here are some of our many adventures

We spent every day of my Christmas break together. Shae couldn't do much because of his surgery so we spent most of our time inside. Cooking amazing s'mores and watching movies and a lot of supernatural.

Was a big month for us. Even though we didn't get to spend Valentines together, Shae made up for it. We celebrated my 21st birthday together. We got engaged on February 25th. 

Riley, Maddy, and I all went out on an adventure and went dress shopping. I went to California and headed to Disneyland for my first time...woot loved it. Since Shae was back in our home town and I was at School I hung with my best friends in St. George. Got to spend time with my amazing fiance during my spring break. We got to go to lava  hot springs with some friends and enjoyed the wonderful hot pots.

Did a lot of driving back and forth to home and st. geezy with my Riley-Bug. This was my last month in St. George so I spent most of my time with friends. Hung out with my wonderful friend Breezy who came back to visit. Made tie-dye shirts and went to Dixie Rock with the girls. Dominated in intramural softball. Had my last day at Biolife and said goodbye to my bestie. Went to dinner with the most awesome managers ever. I bought my wedding dress!!

Graduated from College!!! Moved back home to Idaho. Went fishing with Shae pretty much everyday. Celebrated my best friend Kaylee's 21st birthday by riding bikes.Got our pictures taken for engagements.

Made some amazing delicious s'mores. Planted a lot of flowers at our house for the reception. Had two amazing bridal showers. I said goodbye to my best friend Robbie who left for his mission. Spent a girls night with Riley and Demi in Brigham.We got our groomal pictures done.We went up to our tree and added another year to it :]

i blind folded him until we got to our first destination..lol

I went through the Idaho Falls Temple for the first time. It was truly beautiful. We sent out our wedding invitations. We got married on a gorgeous day in the Salt Lake City Temple. Had a wonderful time at the reception and headed back to SLC for our honeymoon. We stayed in the Anniversary Inn, went shopping, played in the Arcade, walked around temple square, went to hogle zoo, and enjoyed watching a BEE'S baseball game. It was a the best month ever!!

We moved to California. We lived in a cute little cottage on a ranch. We went to Santa Cruz to the boardwalk. We ate some amazing clam chowder in a bread bowl and a delicious funnel cake. Celebrated our first month anniversary.

We enjoyed the Monterey beach more than you can imagine. We went to the fair, and watched the rodeo too. We moved into our new apartment. Bought our first piece of furniture...stills needs to be re-painted oops :]

  To many runs to Winchell's doughnuts. More and more s'mores. We got to fly home and visit. Carved our pumpkins and got a few trick-or-treaters.

We spent Thanksgiving with the wonderful Vashers. Black Friday shopping went very well for us. We went to the Aquarium with some friends and had a wonderful time.

Put up or first Christmas tree. Shae finished his finals. Sent out our first Christmas card. We traveled back to Idaho for a wonderful Christmas with both families.

Looking forward to the new year and what is to come for us.
Here is to the new 2012

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Breanna said...

From the pictures I can tell you have had a wonderful 2011 :)

Best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous new year!

Newest follower!

brielle dubois said...

i saw your blog on the linking up blog post & it is adorable!

you and your husband look so happy!

hope you have a wonderful 2012!


Brooke said...

Thank you so much for linking up! I love your blog :)

Your wedding dress is STUNNING. Also, this is putting me in the mood for s'mores. Haha.

Thanks for sharing your lovely year!

lilmoomoo said...

Aww! found your blog through the 2011 link up!! I will be posting mine on monday!!
You and your husband make the cutest couple!!
Consider me your newest follower!!! :) :) :)


Natalie said...

Found you through the link up! What a great year. You and your husband look so happy! Congrats - isn't marriage the best? Oh, and my family is from Pebble Beach - if you haven't checked it out yet, you should :)

Faith said...

It was fun reading through your year! I love your engagement and wedding photos:) Me and my hubby married just a couple months before you in May! Being married is great:)
God bless you in 2012!


Mrs. Darcy said...

Awwww! Looks like you had an amazing year! Congrats and your engagement and your marriage. I have been married a little over two years and I can tell you that it only gets better!