awkward/awesome thursday

So I have decided to start something new on my blog with the theme awkward & awesome thursdays. I have seen it on many blogs that I follow like, He and I, The Daybook, The Zufelt's, and of course many more. I have been wanting to start it for awhile now so I finally decided to give in. I hope you enjoy my very first awkward/awesome thursday.

-going into a bar for the first time to use the bathroom.
-looking down at the toilet thinking to myself I didn't know they made toilets this small.
-having our old principal think that Shae's two year old nephew is ours. Been married for only five months...slow down there cowboy!!
-having Shae's lovely Grandma H say that our bed gets hot, so that's why we have to go back and forth between the parents homes. Didn't know that my face could ever get so hot and turn red that fast.
-having to have your brother-in-law whose 15 drive you around to places because the car is still getting fixed.
-finding my first gray hair folks and I'm only 21...dang it.

-we got to come home on saturday which gives us an extra day to spend with our families.
-having a girls day out with one of my best friends kaybear.
-yay for leftover pizza for dinner, lunch, and dinner again!
-excited for husband to open his present that he doesn't know even know that I got him.
-waking up to my husband every morning...aww it feels like Christmas morning every day. I love it!!
-having your 15 year old brother-in-law drive you around everywhere.
-only three more days until Christmas...woot woot :]

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