November is such a wonderful month. Everyone giving their thanks and being grateful for everything we have. We should always be doing this but we just get an extra reminder in November. Thanksgiving will seriously be here sooner than we know it. Then its CHRISTMAS another great holiday it’s pretty much my favorite!!
Here are a few things that I’m very thankful for--
1.      Husband of course I don’t know what I would do without him.
2.      Families truly they are amazing in every way.
3.      My adorable dog Buford
4.      The beautiful gospel, being a member of the church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ.
5.      My best friend Kaylee (oh how I miss her…thank heavens for phones).
6.      The 5 senses: hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling [[touch]], smelling
7.      Music
8.      FOOD (why do you have to be so delicious)
9.      Chapstick I have an addiction
10.  Of course my lovely followers :] you guys are great
11. Did I mention my amazing husband  :]

i love my hubby


Danielle and Trev said...

Hey girl! Just ran across your blog- so cute!! You guys are adorable. :) Following now!!

Shalyn said...

You guys are too cute and I love this post. Thanksgiving is such an amazing holiday but you are right- we should be giving thanks continuously throughout the year!