As I see girls with long beautiful hair I tend to get quite annoyed jealous of them. My hair and I are not always the best of friends that is for sure. Honestly I just wish it would grow!! I'm sure there are a lot of girls out in the world that know exactly what I am talking about. Seeing those long luscious locks of other girls sends me into this angry little envy, jealousy mode. While I keep admiring their hair and staring from afar. My hubby has to snap me out of my day dreaming. I'm sure he gets so annoyed of me when I see those girls, and "here we go again" goes through his mind. So if you have long hair please oh please tell me your secrets!!! I will still keep hoping and wishing and dreaming that one day my hair will look like this...

Long Blonde & Beautiful

[[source: all photos were found on pinterest]]

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Danielle and Trev said...

Girl I am with you. The only reason my hair has any length right now is because I refuse to cut it for as long as I can and I have been resisting cutting more than I absolutely have to for like 5 years. And even then, it gets so thin at the bottom so I have to cut it anyways. I started taking prenatals recently though, maybe that will help? I've heard it does wonders!