Squeaky Clean

Just call me Mrs. Cleaner. Luckily a wonderful friend of mine from our ward called me up to help her clean some of her apartments that she owns. Of course I said YES!!! Being unemployed has been my job for way to long. Sure some days are nice to stay home and see my adorable husband after his classes. But it does need to come to an end because staying home sure doesn’t pay the bills, sadly. So finally being need and working makes me feel great. Of course getting paid is a huge plus. Even though this is only for a short-time period I’m still very thankful for it. Hopefully someone will be calling me for a steady job. 
Anyways for the past two days I have been slaving away over an oven. And not by cooking either but by cleaning it. This poor oven has been definitely ignored for quite some time. So with a whole lot of oven cleaner, I’m glad to say she looks pretty much brand new. I moved onto the fridge while cleaning the shelves let’s just say I had a “did that really just happen” moment. So long story short I shattered the glass shelf. It slipped out of my hands and it went everywhere. Neither cleaning it up was not the highlight of my day nor my week that is for sure. Instead of being negative about everything after my lovely incident, I decided to positive. Only having a couple of scratches, my lovely friend not being mad, and that it was replaceable. That made everything so much better. It is better to focus on the great things and be thankful for them. So this week I’ll be back in the apartments feeling like a poor college student before cleaning checks yet again.

this is even all of it

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ms.composure said...

aw well i hope you get a call back soon 2! in the mean time if you are still looking for something to do you can def come and clean my house! LoL j/k