Finally Found The One

My search has finally paid off I found the cutest little necklace for me. Oh it’s so adorable and I’m truly in love with it. You have no idea how long this search has been going on, which is a very very long time. I found her in a nice little store called Bliss Boutique. Really it was love at first sight. I tried to get a close up of it but we don’t have an amazing camera to do so sorry. My necklace is gold and it says Love horizontally and under is the word HEART vertically. Really I do love it and it’s perfect for what I have been looking for. Don’t you just love when you find what you have been looking for :]

~.:.love it.:.~


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Love your necklace! But what I really want to know is: where did you get that shirt (or dress?)? It's totally cute! Love it!

Ashlee said...

Haha well thank you very much!! And to answer your question I got that shirt from Vanity a year ago. I really do love that store though, always great deals!