Housewife 101

Do get out of bed and make breakfast cream-o-wheat please
(it's our favorite).

Do KISS your hubby goodbye and wish him to have a wonderful day.

Don't go to the couch and get on the computer. 
You will get stuck there looking at blogs...and pinterest.

Do text your hubby telling him you love him.

Don't think that it's going to be a super long day 
Do think positive!!

Do blast your ipod on shuffle and sing into the 
mop like a rockstar.

Don't leave your windows open so neighbors can hear 
(unless you're an amazing singer).

Do believe cleaning is working out

Don't forget water breaks.

Don't listen to super slow songs; your cleaning pace
will exceedingly change.

Do dust before sweeping and mopping (you'll thank me).

Don't get spray happy with the cleaner  in the bathroom.

Do enjoy the warm clothes from the dryer.

Do shake your booty while dancing with the vacuum 

Don't get tangled up in the cord.

Don't pull any muscles while dancing around like a fool.

Do use more soap to make the dish water bubbly.

Do go through leftovers without smelling them.
if it looks bad throw it out!!

Do take a nice hot shower after cleaning is completed.

DO enjoy your nice clean house :).

We love Fridays over here at the Neal Home 
that means Date Night whoot whoot
Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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