A Great Day

The many wonderful joys of having such a sweet sweet husband. He makes you exactly what you want for breakfast. He does the dishes, sweeps the floor, and vacuums the bedroom. He cooks amazing dinners. Oh how I love my lovely hubby Shae. I find more and more reasons to love him each and every day. He is truly the best guy ever!!

Shae made me cream-o-wheat and toast for breakfast

Last night I made cookies for Shae & I. Not to brag or anything but they turned out really good. We both enjoyed them very much. There is nothing better than cookies and milk and cuddling on the couch watching one of our many tv shows Once Upon Time. 

[[cookie dough was so good]]
Today I had a wonderful Monday weird I know but I got to go riding. I haven't ridden a horse for a very very long time. But being back on a horse felt so good, it's crazy how riding horses can make your day so wonderful. Let's just say that my butt will be hurting me tomorrow...since it's already hurting me now.Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a good Monday.

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