Motivate Me Mondays

Alright so I am going to tell all you lovely bloggers a secret about me. Well okay two secrets about me. When I tell you them you might laugh and say wow ash those are not secrets but we'll call them that anyways. So first secret is, I don’t eat very healthy I mean at all. I am addicted to sweets truly it’s a disgusting habit of mine. Second, I tell myself and the hubs that I will start working out and get healthy. And well it hasn't happened yet. But on a side-note I did work out today finally...please hold your applause; Shae is going be super excited for me haha!!

Anyways while I roamed through the blogging world I found an amazing cute blog called Me and My Boys. Ashley is the author of this wonderful blog. I do not know her personally but her family is completely adorable. While I was wandering through her posts I discovered something. An amazing idea that she has come up with called, Motivate Me Mondays (MMM). She truly is a genius she explains that it’s not about just getting skinny and judging each other. It’s about becoming healthy, getting fit, and making ourselves feel good. It’s all about having friend help motivate you and make it easier for all of us to go work out and be healthy. Ashley posts a link up every Monday. You link your post about the previous weeks challenge. At the end of the linkup she will post the next weeks challenge. Each week you have the option of doing the challenge plus anything that is on your mind that you would like to share as long as its health and fitness related. They have all of kind of challenges to try out.  I am going to join in on the Motivate Me Mondays and you can too. I have added the button as you can see :) click on it if you’d like to learn more about it. Let’s all get Motivated and get the body we’ve all wanted.


Ashley said...

seriously girl, you just made my day! thank you so much! you are such a babe! im excited to see you around MMM and you know ill be here often! :)

Clara Turbay said...

great blog.