For the husband and I late night trips to Winchell’s has become more of a routine rather than just a onetime thing. It is our favorite place to go when we have a craving for a snack. Winchell’s is a doughnut shop and they have many to choose from. Shae seems to change his up every time we go but I tend to get my usual circled chocolate doughnut. We snuggled up all night, watched Burlesque, and enjoyed our wonderful tasty doughnuts with our amazing hot chocolate (can you tell we love hot chocolate). We also made a new friend Jonny from our gummie bears package. He was quite unique to look at. All in all it was a very good night and I’m so glad to be back with my hubby. Let’s just say that we won’t ever be leaving one another ever again :)

Jonny (real deal green head with a orange body)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Connie said...

i tried to get my husband to go get donuts with me tonight but we settled for kit kats. lol. AH those look scrumptious :p