Today I spent the day with my cute lil mommy and she asked if I wanted to go to the Sweet Tooth Fairy. Can I just say that the Sweet Tooth Fairy is extremely amazing!! If you have never been, you must Google it and find one now! So obviously my answer was a Yes!! I was so excited I was honestly drooling about their perfect tasty cupcakes. But really this shop is so cute inside you're not going to want to leave. They sell wonderful cupcakes, cake bites, along with adorable aprons and candies. And let me just say that these CUPCAKES are to die for. I got the strawberry shortcake one and my mom got the toasted coconut. They both got two thumbs up from the both of us. Check out their menu, but just know remember once you have one you’ll keep wanting more. They are just so good. 

-so good-

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Paige Andy said...

My goodness, I lovvvve the sweet tooth fairy! To die for, seriously. Glad to find another avid cupcake appreciator!