Life In California

Well the husband and I have lived in this California town for almost 2 months now. Shae loves it..let's just say i have my ups&downs with it. Yes, yes i know how can you have any negative thoughts with living in California (side note, no i'm not crazy...well not completely anyways). Here it is just a little different from Idaho where i grew up and Utah which was practically right across the street. So i think you could agree with me on that, just a little different..let's just call it the REAL world shall we. It is a great experience and i do really enjoy it. So as our lives have just begun in this city they call the salad bowl; here is a few pictures of our adventures!!

:this was our first night in our new home:

 :my sexy hubby:

:santa cruz:

:our sweet picnic we had:

 :cute as a bunny:

:carmel beach:

:parks;cute moms&adorable little peaches:
(no i'm not in the mom club and won't be for a long time, 
but enjoy these wonderful ladies as friends)

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