friday = date night

So shae&i have made friday nights a for sure date night...and love them. Last night for our adventure we went to that new movie Moneyball, the one with Brad Pitt. Okay this one is a for sure go to see of course Husband loved it with it being about baseball. But even if you're not a big sports fan it's still really amazing. After the movie we were really hungry, more like starving. So of course we both chose the amazing Olive Garden...truly we might be a little obsessed with that place. Plus a bonus we had a 25 dollar gift card to use. As the night came to an end we made some yummy hot chocolate; in our own kind of way (no microwave yet..still on the hunt for a cheapy). And we got to use our two super cute new mugs that we got from Target. Really i am in love with them!!! Date night is the best ever...i absolutely love being with my hubby.

{hope you all had a good weekend}

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