[[ lazy bum ]]

Wow..has the laziness bug hit you? It sure has here well...let's just say some things have caught up with Shae & I...alright maybe just the I part. Putting off things has become my greatest quality, yes a quality I say. But on the other note, husband does not agree with me. You can't tell me that you would rather do cooking, dishes, and laundry OVER sitting on your butt, playing UNO with the neighbors kids, watching the Disney channel (what i like Disney) and yes that is what i have been doing almost all day. As I see it the cleaning is always there waiting for you, if it only would do it on its own that would be superb, right?
So uh yea like I said putting off things has become my greatest quality :] but now by my putting off things has become a messy house yikes!!

So the sink might be a little full of dishes.
Gross i know embarrassed i'm showing you

cooking. really who doesn't want pizza and cookies
okay i'm really working on this so we can eat healthier

as for the laundry it was full but i thought I'd spare you
and just show you the towels &( don't judge no makeup )

But not to worries the cleaning fairy has returned and decided that her vacation was over. Hopefully it lasts for more than just a day, cross your fingers. The dishes have been done, the cooking well we're eating left overs tonight..but tomorrow is a different story, and the laundry is completed. Watch out for that laziness bug cause it sure can come and bite your bum hard haha. But hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

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