10 reasons why we love Sundays

1. Church. The best way to start out the new week. Oh the wonderful spiritual strengths we receive.
2. Getting to be with my super cute husband all day.
3. No worries of making plans, but only relaxation.
4. A splendid home cooked meal.
5. Truly the only day the husband says it's okay not to make the bed.
6. Best day to catch up with family&family.
7. Cuddling on our couch is where you'll find us.
8.  No cleaning has to be done, can i get a woot woot!
9. Having cookies and milk and not feeling bad about it.
10. Being together with each other, filling our house with laughter,
having tickle sessions, sharing our kisses.
Sundays we love you oh so much :]

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