Happy 4Th

It’s the wonderful 4TH of JULY weekend and I’m super excited one of those amazing holidays that I just love I would have to say. I love living in a little town especially during the 4th. Every little town as their own exciting ways to celebrate the 4th. It’s not like good ol’ Malad does a lot but for some reason I just love it. Spending quality time with friends and family is always a blast. We have our little relays and concerts and you can never forget our cute little parade that we have :) This year I will be playing in our little malad softball tournament on Monday. A little nervous because my brother is coaching and if you know my brother smooter (not his real name ha) it might get a little out of control. But my amazing fiancé Shae is going to help coach since he isn’t able to run just yet with his poor knees but I’m glad he will be there to help coach smoot calm down lol!!! Hopefully we go all the way to the championship and win it!! That would be pretty freakin awesome if it works out for us. Than our not so big firework show that we have on the beautiful night of independence day. There is just something about watching pretty fireworks snuggling up to your favorite person in the world that makes it a true BLAST.
 We’re getting even closer to our BIG DAY oh boy oh boy oh boy!! Who’s excited I am haha!! I cannot wait to marry my best friend, other half, and lover. As you can see I have a nice little wedding countdown on my page and it is getting me so excited every time I look at it. I believe when it says like 7 days my heart will completely pounce out of my chest. I cannot wait to send out invitations to everyone they are so so cute (thank you again Adrianne). Things are getting a little more extreme and my stress is almost sky rocketing. So I go to my happy place which is Shae’s arms thank heavens he tells me everything is going to work out wonderfully. He has always been so good with words and has his way of calming me down which is one of the reasons why I love him. Cannot wait for the 29th to come I'm super super excited!! 

Hope everyone has a beautiful, safe, and

p.s. the He Is We Concert was miraculous 
        Riley .n. I had a wonderful time

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