.: time for change :.

So I decided to change my url from bestfriendsnlovers to ashnshae!! I figured that it was a good first step for us in the grown up world. And it might be easier for others to know who we are. No we're not married yet but soon we will be :D and I cannot wait. 
 "21" more day until my title miss becomes a mrs

Wow…let’s just say had a wee bit of problem on the wedding invites. Luckily everything turned out great and we will be receiving them next Wednesday THANK HEAVENS!! 

As I explore other blogs I fall in love with their stories and their ideas. If only I was better at blogging I would be more in love with my own. But no worries I’m sure I will learn new things from the wonderful site engine Google. But I’m really looking for some super cute ways to spice up my blog. So if you know of any cute ideas along with how to’s let me know, ps need…I mean want super stellar backgrounds!! So please tell me where they are hiding I would love to be familiar with these sites. 

**remember tomorrow is [[FRIDAY]] woot woot**
.have a wonderful weekend.

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