Tomorrow my friend Riley is coming to spend some quality time with me in my good old town of Malad. I cannot wait for her to come…it really feels like I haven’t seen her forever (yes, two weeks is a long time for us). Riley & I always have a lot of f.u.n. together no matter who we are with!! She is truly one of my best friends and is always there for me. Riley and I have really been through it all, we always go together. No matter what we'll always be best friends. I hope tomorrow comes faster so I can see her cute face. They always say a picture is worth a thousand words..so here are a few pictures of our good times, you make the captions.


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Riley Bergeson said...

Oh Ashy Baby! I sure do love you! I can't stinkin wait to come up tomorrow... maybe I'll leave in the AM so we have lots of hours together. haha I love that there's a whole post dedicated to our weekend and BFF-ness!