*Home Sweet Home*

   It’s crazy I have been home for almost two weeks now and it’s going by so fast. I have enjoyed being home with my family and of course my fiancé Shae :] We have practically gone fishing almost every day 14 is our big number for how many fishies we have caught, sadly none of them were worth keeping. Until yesterday we caught two pretty big ones (mine was bigger haha) so we kept them to eat. Tomorrow I get to go to Boise with the Neal family to go watch Shae’s little brother Nishon play some baseball. I’m really excited to go but honestly I’m hoping for some warm weather. Idaho hasn’t been treating me very well with all this cold weather burrr.

   Next Saturday is our [[eNgAgEmEnTs]] with Adrianne Vaughn so I’m really excited she is an amazing photographer. So the closer May 28th comes the more excited I get. It also means that my wedding date is coming faster too which I cannot even tell you how excited I truly am to marry my prince charming YAY!!!

            Fishing at Crowthers *Shae caught 8 and I caught 6*

                    ...needless to say it was a GREAT DAY :]

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