My favorite season is here…well kind of. Summer is finally here even though some days it doesn’t feel like it is here. The sun comes and goes from this little town of Malad more than it should. I hope these rain clouds leave so the warm sun can shine through. But on the warm days I have made sure that I don’t waste the day away. I read a summer list on one of my friend’s blog, and it got me thinking what I want to do this summer…so I decided to create my own.

** My SuMmEr LiSt FoR 2011 **
 1. Go on a hike
3.Camping is a MUST
4. Go to a water park
5.      Make a chicken wire picture frame
6. Make amazing s’mores
7.  Go four wheeling
8. Get most of the wedding planning
done by the end June
9.  Watch the Bachelorette every
Monday night with Shae
10.  Go to me and Shae’s tree
11. Work on the yard (so it looks super good for the reception)
12. Go to the Malad and Stone Rodeo
13.  Fishing Fishing Fishing
14.  Ride Bikes
15.  Watch fireworks with my shae
16.  Have a Yard Sale
17.  Ride a horse (at least once)
18. Go to a Zoo
19.  Eat popsicles on a nice beautiful sunny day
20. Go to a Drive In Movie
21. Go on walks
22.  Eat a Snow Cone
23.  Make Homemade Ice Cream
24.  Read my books
25.  Blow Bubbles
26.  Have a Picnic and play frisbee
27.  Make rainbow cupcakes
28.  Catch Frogs
29.  Take lots of p.i.c.t.u.r.e.s
30.  Shoot some hoops
31.  Make a nice amazing homemade shake
32.  Have a water balloon fight
33.  Crafts Crafts Crafts
34. Hang out with FRIENDS
35.  Have a cookout
36. Get married in the temple to my handsome
fiance Shae Neal :D July 29, 2011

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