a fun fillled weekend...

Well my days at Biolife in St. George has come to an end. I said my goodbyes to my work friends…and they will all be truly missed. They’re all amazing people and great to work with. James T my besty, I will really miss him he is so awesome and such a great man. I will never forget him and our amazing friendship. Tracy && Anna, two of the most amazing women that I will ever know. WOW, they have honestly helped me become the person I am today. These lovely ladies have been there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to. I know all three of us will always be great friends. My farewell to Biolife is bittersweet…I’m going to miss all of them very much.

Monica made me some yummy cupcakes...very delicious
anna and tracy

Along with this fun filled weekend my friend Breezy came to visit good old st. george. I traveled to vegas with her where we both fell in love…with cute pink&purple bulky watches :] and I finally found a purse that actually picked me (honestly been looking for FOREVER). The paint dance awaited us as we traveled back from vegas. Sadly we were not able to make it…thinking that it would go longer than an hour but it failed us and did not. So Riley, Breezy, and I all took an adventure to Wal-Mart and purchased some amazing tie dye to have our own paint dance. We thought they would look rather amazing they turned out to be more of a mess. Maddy was the only one that actually tie dyed her shirt so it came out quite nicely. The other three..well let’s just say they have their own personality. Our slumber parties were a blast and we all enjoyed it very much so. It was a good last weekend in St. George that is for sure.
**dixie rock**


This week is finals…UGH!! We all know what this means study study study, anxiety and panic. Luckily this semester I only have two finals thank heavens. CPR and First Aid, Tuesday at 8 A.M. earlier than I’d choose but better to get it done early and enjoy the rest of the day. Math at 10:00 o’clock sharp on wednesday. After I will be through with my finals..and summer will only be a breath away. I’m going to be celebrating with my good friends Riley-Bug and Madison and the big sin city Las Vegas. Shopping until we run out of money and rewarding ourselves with lots of shopping bags to bring home. Friday is graduation Riley and I will be walking for our Associates degree and we’ll be done with Dixie State College. Saturday I will be all packed up and waving goodbye to my warm St. George home until my next visit.
                  Hurrying to get home too!!!
I love him with all my heart

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