St. George Bucket List

  Finally the end of the school year is coming which I’m so excited for…but the beautiful sunny saint george will be truly missed. This place has been my home for three years now. I can’t believe I’ll be finally moving on with my life to bigger and better things. BUT before I leave St. George I was sure to make a bucket list so I could do everything for the first and last time here. The end of April is coming a lot faster so I’m hoping I’ll be able to complete it with my girls.
1. have an amazing SPA DAY
2.  ride my blue bike around the town of st. george
3. go on a wonderful hike
4. eat a jazzy java’s
5. become super brown (lay out as much as possible)
6. play in the BIG water fountain on tabernacle
7. do my best at hitting the gym everyday
8. i want to make the cutest headband ever for my last craft
9. study under the warm sun on the big red dixie rock
10.  read my scriptures by the St. George Temple
11.  one last shopping trip to Viva Las Vegas
12.  take loads of p.i.c.t.u.r.e.s.
13.  Sand Hollow cliff jumping
14.  sleep under the stars of st. george
15.  go to where everything turns in circles…Spin Park
16.  make sweet colorful tie dye cupcakes to eat
17.  movie extravaganza night
18.  Baptisms for the dead in the Saint George Temple
19.  have as many adventures as I can

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