** Spring Break **

Wow…I cannot believe my SPRING BREAK is really over. It’s back to school for me tomorrow. I’m really not excited about it but the good thing is I only have “one” more month. Graduation is on May 6th and I will have my Associates degree. I will be finally moving home, where rent and food are FOR FREEEE!!! I will be able to be with my family and the love of my life :D it is going to be truly amazing. During the break I got to go home on Wednesday night after work. After I got to leave from work I received a wonderful text from Riley asking if she could go home with me. I was so excited I didn’t have to drive by myself and I always enjoy the company of my Riley-Bug.

 Thursday- Got to enjoy a good meal from the awesome Drive In (chicken bagel cut in half with ranch it's amazing) Shae and I went to Logan, Utah and he bought me a super super cute pink fishing pole. I am totally in love with it and cannot wait to go fishing when I go back home.

Since March Madness is going on of course as soon as we got home he headed straight to the T.V. to turn on BASKETBALL haha.

Friday- We were going to try to go on a hike but with the weather being  so cold and rainy that plan failed. So back to the T.V. it was for me and shae to watch some more basketball!!

Saturday- We got to meet up with Kelley for some wedding planning :] which I cannot wait until JULY 29th. Kelley is truly amazing at his work so I know its going look aMaZiNg. After, Shae and I headed to the baseball game to watch his brother Nishon play on varsity. Yet again it was super cold so luckily his dad had front row parking. So we got to enjoy the game sitting in the warm expedition. We hurried and ran up to the Kwick Stop to get us some yummy hot chocolate before the game had ended. Nishon did really good and the Malad team won yay!! We headed back to Shae’s house where he made me some tasty lunch and we had a nice long nap and…duh watched some more basketball. After waking up from our glorious nap we headed out to my house to visit with the good old fam.
About 6 o’clock is where our adventure started. We were headed to soak in the hot pots of Lava Hot Springs. Kooper and Kristy joined us for the big night. We stopped to play some awesome Bingo but sadly none of us won. Shae was super close to winning the big win for blackout he only had 3 numbers left (but I still love him) our night turned around for us when we got to soak our bums in the nice hot pots. Sitting there in those hot things really worked up our appetite so what's better to do than to stop at Flags West for some grub. It was truly amazing and we all had a super good time.

shae && me
kristy && kooper 
Sunday- Got to go to Church what a wonderful way to start out my week right!!! Went to Talissa’s (shae’s sister) house for some good family dinner. Might I add it was so so good, told Shae that I need to go to her to teach me how to cook. Because honestly let’s face I don’t really cook he usually does that which is very nice lol!! Took a nice little ride in Talissa and Russell’s freaking sweet blue 2007 mustang. After we got back into Malad we headed out to my house and got to play Tripoley with my parents. Shae beat us all of course, but I won the last round when everyone put all their money in.

Sadly it came to an end but I really had another wonderful spring break. I did not want to come back to St. George one bit. But school is almost done and then I can finally move home and be with my fiancé :D


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