Yes that really has been the only thing on my mind. I know I have like 5 months until than but I am just so so excited for it. I cannot wait to become a NEAL :D…I mean of course I’d love to keep my last name because honestly let's face it, it really is an awesome last name. But I will always be a Blaisdell at heart haha. I catch myself looking at wedding pictures and reception ideas on the internet [all the time]. My colors are going to be..


I have been dreaming about having a summer wedding for practically my whole life. I love the sun and summer is truly my favorite season. My favorite things about summer are waking up to the sound of the lawnmower, smelling the fresh cut grass, spending everyday with your best friends and your loved ones, the smell of chlorine in your hair; anxious for the next year but still missing the last. I am really hoping for amazing weather on July 29th because I really really I mean really want my reception to be outside. Very very BADLY!!! I know its July but come on people we all have seen how the weather is in Idaho. So I’m crossing my fingers :] I still want a simple reception but I ..LOVE.. to be different than everyone else. I am way excited for my future plans and to see how everything falls into place. I know that I will let my heart decide on a lot..and ask Shae occasionally ;) bahaha..but I know it will turn out  absolutely amazing. I'm super stoked and cannot wait for JULY 29th to get HERE.
In love with these lanterns!! They'll for sure be part of the celebration

                            Yummy Cake :)


         So stoked cannot wait for my BIG DAY!!!


sarah said...

so happy for you!!!! :]

heath said...

Ash, is the very last picture of you and Shae? It seriously could be if it's not!

Keeley said...

hey - looks like andrew and i will probably make it to your reception! cannot wait to see you

Ashlee Blaisdell said...

Thanks Sarah :D

Heath i wish it was us..but no it's not i just really liked the picture (found it off the internet)

Keeley yay I'm so excited :D!! I cannot wait to see you guys and Alexis. She is so stinking cute!! Love ya!!