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  Well I finally decided to start a blog. I honestly thought that it would be pretty simple to do…but let’s just say thank you Riley-Bug for making my page look super cute haha. A lot of great things have happened for me in the past week. Last Wednesday was my 21st Birthday, and last Friday I got engaged (yay)!!! On July 29th in the Salt Lake Temple I will be marrying my other half Shae Neal. I cannot wait for the day to come I’m super duper excited.

 So here is the skoop how he asked me...so Shae hadn’t gotten out of my apartment all Thursday so he wanted to go for a walk. So after we were done playing games with my wonderful cousins Layne & Kooper. Shae and I were headed out the door. It was so cold that night so I made sure I was going to be warm and matching did not matter one bit to me. As we got to the temple we were just talking about everything that had went on that day. We also talked about marriage (but we always did, so it wasn’t anything new) we took our time walking around the temple as we got back to the front we talked about how beautiful the temple really is. How white it always is and how do they keep so clean :D!! 
Shae lead me to a bench where we sat with his arm around me taking every moment in while we were alone together. Shae asked me if was sure that I wanted to marry him. After pretty much always telling him I cannot wait to marry him I got rather annoyed. So me being a brat I answered back with a “DUH Shae of course I do.” He found it rather funny and said if you want to marry me than kiss me and it has to be a long kiss like you mean it. Ha so of course I kissed him to prove my point that I wanted to marry him. We stood up getting ready to head back to my apartment he pulled me in close and hugged me tight. Shae started getting down on his knee; honestly I just thought it was a rude joke so I was getting a little mad. As I saw his hand come out of his pocket so did a cute little white box. He opened it up and asked me to marry him. Of course the ring inside was gorgeous but that was just the bonus. But I was so overjoyed with excitement and of course I said YES!!! It was the perfect proposal and a wonderful surprise. 

 I love my Shae Neal always have and always will. We are truly best friends and lovers. There are only 3 words and 8 letters, but saying I LOVE YOU will never get old for us.


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heath said...

Ash, everything sounds PERFECT, congratulations!
P.S. I am so happy you have blog..they are fun!
(Thanks Riley)