christmas card eh probably not

Well sadly this year there will probably be no Christmas card for us. We tried to get some done earlier but honestly life is so crazy lately. I am sure many can agree with me on that. I have seen some really cute ones that are on Pinterest and I had many ideas for one as well. But maybe we might just end up doing one simple picture and only send out a couple. But honestly I am not counting on that! This was our one from last year that I still think is cute for our first Christmas card.
Thanksgiving is already over and Christmas is practically here. You think we would have our Christmas shopping done too huh. Well let's just say my list is for sure completed. I really do not like shopping for other people unless they tell me exactly what they want than that makes my life so much easier. Yes I know what is the fun in that. But you see I have a shopping addiction and I easily get side tracked on looking at things that I tend to like, than it ends up being in my car going home with me. It is a terrible habit I will admit to that. So I hope everyone else has their shopping lists completed and wrapped under your tree.
This week is Dead week for us it where you are suppose to just review for the finals next week. But with some professors that is not the case. Like for instance my psychology teacher we are going over four new chapters, that's right I said FOUR new chapters. So my nose will be in my psychology book reading and studying away. My stats final well honestly I am just hoping for a C in that class. I am not going to lie I hate math anyways and I really am not good at it but this class is really hard. I cannot wait until finals are over and finally a little break from school is all this girl is asking for.
Also I have the bestest friend in the whole entire world named RILEY BERGESON. That is right she sent me a package full of wonderful surprises. I will be sharing that with you in my next post. But yes you all should be jealous of my amazing adorable friend. I truly miss her and I cannot wait for her to come home. We have already planned on going on a double date with our good looking hubbies. I am so excited to see her and finally get to be with my cute lil Riley-Bug again!

Best Package I have ever gotten thank you Ri!!

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