my weekend highlights.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Yes I do know that is Wednesday tomorrow, and I am excited because the weekend is almost here. I got to to see two of my best friends. Kaylee had her baby shower over the weekend so I got to see her and spend time with my other friend Rachael and her cute daughter Brinley. We had a lot of fun decorating onesies for Kaylee, plus eating a lot of food. Did you know that pretzels with hugs melted on them with an M&M for the topper is the best thing ever. I probably could of eaten the whole plate and not felt bad about it.

Shae's family dog had 9 puppies NINE and they are super super cute. We brought all nine of them inside and made sure they all got some loves. I want one so bad but sadly we cannot have pets in our apartment. So if you are wanting a puppy let me know. They really are adorable and I have fallen in love with all nine of them. Also my sister-in-law came home with her adorable baby and I held him the whole time. He is pretty much the cutest little thing ever. Going to a baby shower and seeing all the cute things made me really want a baby. Than when I got to hold baby Rhyze which did not help my baby hunger. But honestly we cannot afford a baby right now so maybe in a couple years. So for now on I will just hold little babies all I want. Also my other sister-in-law (shae's brothers wife) is PREGO and we are super excited for them too. They already have a little cute boy named Kayson who I get to play with every time I go home. That kid can go for days he makes me tired in just an hour. We are super excited for our family and all the exciting news. Cannot wait until another baby in the family.

[my baby would wear this...no joke]

(this was a couple weeks ago but I wanted to show off my Nephew)

Who is excited for our the weekend? I sure am but it sounds like the white snow will be coming this weekend. Sadly I am still not ready for it because this week we have been spoiled again with beautiful weather. So I have been enjoying wearing flats again without my tosies getting cold. On Thursday it might be back to boot weather which is just fine with me. I went shoe shopping with my Mommy and let's just say I found some cute winners. Especially these adorable babies that I received in the mail, they're my all time favorite ones. I have seriously wanted these for a whole year and now I got them. Christmas has come early for me but I am not complaining.

I am super excited can't you tell :)

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