Wow...Where Has The Time Gone

Dear Blogger World oh how I have missed you!! I have been one of the biggest slacker ever. I really have been working and studying my life away, if you can believe that. Yes, I did get a new job since the volleyball season is over. I love it and I work with really great people which helps a lot. It is also a laid back job but still passes the time a long (usually). I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know we had a wonderful one at my Mom's  house and the food was delightful. I also did the whole black friday shopping with my mother-in-law. We found some amazing deals we just could not pass up. Saturday we helped put up Christmas lights at my in-laws, well Shae did I played with the cute puppies. Which by the way are so stinking cute and I really wish we could have one. I already have one picker out she looks like a bear and likes to sleep in my arms like a baby. I already named her Millee.

Even though I haven't blogged for ever doesn't mean I have forgotten about you lovely readers. We don't have internet at our house which is really a pain might I add. But it does make us come to the library to do our homework which helps. So hopefully soon we can find a cheep internet company. Anybody know of any around the Pocatello area? So for now we use our iPhones, yes I finally got one after I had already bought two cases for one I did not have. We put up our christmas tree and decorated it. But we have decided it looks pretty bare this year. So now we're on the hunt for the perfect ornaments, ribbon, or whatever we find for our naked tree. I am quite excited for Christmas to come, which means Christmas break, which means NO SCHOOL, well at least for awhile anyways. We got a week off for Thanksgiving but that was kind of like a tease just making us all wish the break would never end. Only a couple more weeks and finals we'll be here and gone and than CHRISTMAS. Well I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

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