the hair.

I feel that I need a change. Why not it be my hair, I mean that is what us girls usually do anyways right. I've tried the whole being a brunette but I really  just loved being blonde. I keep seeing the ombre or the melt hair. At first I did not like it at all. But the more I see it I am starting to like love it.

Over at the "My Yellow Sandbox" Abby has done the Ombre and looks absolutely adorable.
She also always has cute hair styles super jealous of her talents.

And over at "Urban Anthropology " Natalie has also done the Ombre to her hair.
I am super jealous of her adorable fashion. Wish I could go shopping with her.

This ombre hair has caught my eye. I don't know how everyone else feels but there is a possibility that I
might join these beautiful women. It will be something new and different and honestly we can say that my hair is already starting to look like ombre hair anyways with these grown out highlights. I am no beautician but I honestly think it would be great for my hair rather then getting it bleached with highlights over and over.

So it's either staying blonde or try something new 
and be daring and join the ombre side
*via pinterest

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Megs said...

Stumbled across your blog, very cute! :) I love the ombre hairstyle! The huge plus is how low maintenance it's been, it has saved me a lot of money. The downside, is that I find I have to curl my hair most of the time. It just doesn't look as good with straight hair. But I've loved it, and I think every girl should TRY it at least once! And it's perfect for Fall! :)

xoxo-Meghan- http://meandmine-blog.blogspot.com