random much.

I paint my nails at least twice a week, sometimes three or four.
You'd think I have awesome painting nails technique by now right.

I tend to look at other blogs for way to long.
Than I forget to write my own post.

Pandora is probably one of the greatest things on my list.
Classic Rock is my favorite station.

This time last year I was getting ready for our wedding.
That's right the big ONE year is practically here July 29th.

Love when my husband treats me with my favorite ice cream.

We got an apartment in Pocatello finally.
I'm really excited to decorate.
Any suggestions...please share!

Shae bought me an iphone cover, it's really cute.
Is that weird because I don't have the iphone to put in it.

Excited for my cousin who is getting married today.
This will be my first outside wedding I get to go too.

Pinterest makes me so happy.
The end.

Thrifting is my kind of shopping.

I want to change my whole layout again of my blog.
But i'm clueless to what I want.

My mind has a lot of crafty ideas.
But I am effortless in doing any of them.

I love sperry shoes..hate they're so expensive.
Excited finding knockoffs. Thank you Payless.

Happy Weekend!!

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