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I know this show has already had it's third season but I just finally watched the first season and I want to say I am completely in love with this show. It is the most hilarious show ever, you won't stop laughing. If you ever need a pick me up this is the show to watch. Also it will be a great workout for anyone; your abs will hurt like no other. Plus you will die over their houses I can't even tell you how much I wish I had everything they have. To the outside of their homes to the inside I wish it was all mine. I really can't wait to watch the second season it's going to be great.

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This will be me this weekend and I am super super excited. The hubby and I are headed to Wendover for the weekend to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. July 29th was when I made the best decision of my life and married my best friend, love of my life, and my other half. We're so excited to go since I have been gone all week with the girls I'll be coaching in volleyball at usu volleyball camp. It will be so nice I can hear the pool calling my name.

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Yes this is my next craft that I will be making for our new apartment. How would you not want to make this? I'm super excited to start on it, I'll be sure to share the details when I start it. I think my money will look so good in here I won't want to take it out. Hope that is the case for sure.

{having my own...finally}

Well yes since we'll be moving in a couple weeks I have decided it's time to get rid of things. Sadly getting ready for it won't be easy but I'm hoping it will all go. It's time for me to get rid of the things I don't need or use anymore. Sometimes I hate getting rid of my things but I know Shae will be much happier with me if I get rid of them rather then keeping them in boxes. I'm sure my parents will be glad to have me get rid of a lot of my stuff that's been in their house since I moved home from college.

{my sperry look a likes}

Do these not look like sperry shoes? I really love sperrys but don't really want to pay $75 for one pair of shoes. So instead if I find look a likes than I will for sure be doing that instead. I absolutely love them they're comfy and completely adorable. Thank you payless for letting me pay less for my sequinned dexter black shoes

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Brie Holtrop said...

I love garage sales!! :) I also just had my one year anniversary in June! Congrats :)

Just found your blog - and am a new follower!

Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies