Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Yes that song obliges to this whole post!! What a glorious weekend it was here, the weather being 79 degrees was spectacular. Thursday we had a birthday dinner for a very special dear friend of mine Laurie. And on Saturday was her actual birthday so I took kidnapped her from her family and off to the outlets we went. She really is such a fun sweet gal pal that I really don't know what I would do without her. We had a blast on our little Shopping date and found super cute things that we just could not live without. Of course we stopped and had a very yummy dinner that included these...
Italian Nachos oh my gosh these were so delicious. Just looking at them right now makes my mouth water. Yes I know what you're thinking the picture doesn't look all that amazing but trust me it was. It was great day to celebrate Laurie's birthday we started it and ended it with a bang.

[thursday dinner..red lobster]

[saturday dinner...jonny carino's]

happy birthday laurie

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