What a perfect way to end a wonderful birthday by writing about it. It was really like any other day but to me it was my birthday. I have enjoyed since I've been up this morning and until I fall asleep tonight. The cute hubbs gave me some wonderful good morning birthday kisses which is for sure the best thing I can ask for. I received happy wishes from friends and family all day long on my phone which I can't help but to smile when I think about them. I got to wear one of my new shirts that Shae got me. It also got me sweet compliments from the cutest kids. I came home to some flowers, cupcake balloon, and sour patch kids from my way good friend Laurie (she is bomb). Than of course the hubby got me an amazing cheesecake cake with a cute note.We went out to dinner and enjoyed our time together. Thank heavens I got my free dessert to go so there was no crazy singing people around to embarrass me. I didn't get to make my own decorations got rather busy. But my sweet Shae sang to me with my awesome candles (yes they are not real birthday candles don't judge). It's been a super good birthday and I enjoy being 22. Three reasons one, two is my favorite number so now double the luck. Two, it was my hubbys basketball number in high school (also luck cause he was really good). Three, well I am still not that old...right. Well my real actual birthday is close to being over. But doesn't mean I have to stop celebrating it until the start of the new week. So instead of awkward and awesome Thursday we just get an all in all awesome Thursday from me. Whose excited tomorrow is Friday?? I AM!!

(another year down with my amazing guy by my side)

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Whitney Leigh said...

I LOVE birthdays!! Happy happy happy birthday to you, missy! :) glad you had such a fun day.