it's almost here.

That's right the big day is almost here. 
At 12:00 a.m. it will be my BIRTHDAY!! 

It's crazy to think that this year my friends and I are all going to be the awesome 22. I'm pretty sure I'm going to decorate our house in some amazing cut out colored paper that I make myself. Childish you think...Probably but it will bring some life into our quiet home for the day. I received my first birthday card already from my loving in-laws. They are truly so amazing. And have already been sung happy birthday to from a great older friend.
The hubs has truly spoiled me with buying me clothes from my all time favorite store Forever 21. Yes I'm sure that our checking account has been hurting since we moved here to California where Forever 21's are every where (oops). I'm super excited to wear my new clothes tomorrow they are so adorable. Since I  was given one rule from the hubbs, NOT to wear them until my big day. I have been admiring them in the back of my closet so I wouldn't be tempted. Really not sure of everything will do tomorrow but that's what Shae and I do best is go with the flow. Can't wait to stuff our faces with tasty sweets from cookies to cake.

Also let it be known I went to my very first spin class tonight. It was so much fun and it really kicked my butt. Pretty sure my legs are going to be jello tomorrow. Well I'm super excited to get to bed from a hard days workout.

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Whitney Leigh said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D Yay go spoil yourself!